Aims and objectives

The project aims:

  • To highlight the value of web archives as a source for arts and humanities researchers, and to transform the way in which those researchers interact with the data
  • To establish a theoretical and methodological framework for the analysis of web archives, focusing on the dataset derived from the UK web domain, 1996–2013
  • To explore the ethical implications of big data research, and particularly as they relate to the web
  • To inform collection development and access arrangements for the UK web archive at the British Library
  • To encourage interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration, and the sharing of expertise in a rapidly developing field of investigation
  • To contribute to the national skills base by training researchers in the use of big data


  • To develop a suite of tools to support analysis of the UK web archive by researchers in the arts and humanities
  • To enhance the interface through which researchers access the archived material held by the British Library
  • To produce a history of the development of UK web space from 1996 to 2013, analysing technical, social, organisational and cultural developments and trends in the dataset
  • To produce a series of case studies across a range of arts and humanities disciplines
  • To organise two project workshops, bringing together researchers, archivists, technologists, and digital preservation professionals
  • To produce a free online training module illustrating the use of web archives and the application of big data techniques and methods.