Project meeting 31 July 2014, minutes

Present: Jonathan Blaney [minutes] (JB), Josh Cowls (JC), Helen Hockx-Yu (HHY), Peter Webster (PW)

Apologies: Eric Meyer, Ralph Schroeder, Jason Webber, Jane Winters

1 Minutes of the previous meeting

Accepted as a correct record

2 Matters arising

Since Jaspreet Singh was about to give a presentation about his research, it was agreed that he would be invited to write a blog post about it.

3 Institutional updates

3.1 OII

Two members of the team are attending a workshop at LTS in Hanover on 15 September.

3.2 IHR

A script for the first film has been drafted and a meeting was held with the artist look at her storyboard drafts and first finished images, and thought the the work very promising.

3.3 BL

The indexing up to 2010 is finished. It turned out that the point in the process at which deduplication was done (index or dedupe first) was very important.
The BL team has duplicated the interface so that one points at the finished 12% and the other at the 100%, at different URLs. Soon the BL will be able to point users at the 100% index; then at some point they will collapse them. Researchers can continue to feed back on the UI without a break.
The new UI is on a different platform from AADDA so some work will have to be redone, to reimplement some functions.

4 Researcher engagement

The most important thing for the project is full-text search, then the corpora creation, then visualisation, then annotating records, then applying analytics or visualisation to the whole thing. Not many researchers have well-developed ideas about analysis; the projects are mostly quite granular.

5 Communication and publicity

Blog posts were discussed and various team members agreed to write one.
There is going to be a legal deposit library workshop in September where BL staff will present BUDDAH. The project has also been presented to the Bodleian and internal BL IT staff.

6 Being Human Festival

The organisers would like a non-technical talk about our project on the opening day; the group agreed that OII staff were probably the best people to give a talk.

7 December conference planning

Names of who might be invited to speak were discussed and further suggestions solicited.
The IHR’s Digital History Seminar is arranging talks with some projects this autumn and so is in touch with some.

8 Web archiving bibliography

The team has agreed to put together a bibliography for the researchers, although it was noted that there is not a great deal of material available at present.

9 Any other business

The General Assembly of the IIPC will take place from 27-1 May next year at Stanford. There will be at least one open day.